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Working at Home … Is It the Right Fit for You and Your Family?

Having worked successfully at home for several years, I am frequently asked by observant friends, neighbors, and family if working at home would be the right position for them. Below are some core requirements that everyone should consider prior to searching for a work at home position:

Scheduling time to work. Believe it or not, working at home is anything but what is described in some “help wanted” advertisements. Setting your own hours won’t always be the case. You may find a job that will need to be completed prior to lunch time every day, or one that has rotating Saturdays. Make sure you can complete the work on time, and can adhere to the schedule given to you.

Your workspace. Most work at home opportunities will require a quiet place to work—preferably a separate room in your home with a closed door. More and more companies are finding that allowing employees/contractors to work from home has a lot of benefits. However, they will not tolerate a crying baby, a barking dog, or a constantly ringing doorbell. They want their clients to feel like they are dealing with an employee in a corporate environment. Most positions that you will find will require you to have a home office setup. Most likely this will include (but is not limited to), a phone with unlimited long distance, USB headset, desktop or laptop computer with high speed internet, fax machine, and a comfortable desk and chair.

Controlling outside interference. As stated above, when you are working your schedule, there needs to be no interruptions. Obviously there will be some that can’t be helped—such as the delivery person coming to your door needing a signature for a package you ordered. Setting clearly defined boundaries with friends and family will help. They need to know that during your working hours you can’t be interrupted, even though you are at home. Another huge misconception is that it’s okay to have your children around while you are working from home. Unless they are at an age where they don’t require constant supervision, and know not to disturb you during your working hours, you will need to make arrangements for childcare. Most companies can monitor your calls, and will know if you have a child or pet in the room with you.

Working at home vs. Working at the office. It’s important to note that most working from home positions that you can find will either entail customer service, appointment setting, or sales. More than likely, you will be spending 90 percent of your time on the phone—inbound or outbound calls. Most companies pay an hourly wage and commission/bonus. Working at home is no different than working within an office environment—you still have to be accountable, fill out a time voucher or card, and your progress will be monitored.

Most work at home positions are classified as independent contractors, and some will have you classified as an employee. Either way, if you don’t do the work, they will let you go. Don’t romanticize working from home and think you are going to roll out of bed, fix your coffee, chat on the phone with relatives for an hour, make a few phone calls on the project you’re supposed to be working on, then go to lunch. It just doesn’t work that way. You will need to maintain more discipline than if you were actually in the office to complete your work, because there are more distractions at home. Working at home does have its benefits for the right person—such as not having to drive to and from work everyday, saving on gas and lunch, and not having to maintain a work wardrobe.

If the circumstances are right for you and your family, you will know, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of you working at home. Below are a few companies that hire individuals to work from home in all states. If you have any questions regarding their open positions, please contact them directly.

Virtual Appoint: Virtual Appoint is a leading provider of B2B appointment setting services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States. Virtual Appoint helps other companies build their businesses through outbound telemarketing, and setting up appointments for their executives and salespeople. In this position, you would be responsible for making outbound calls to various businesses to set up appointments. You must have past experience as an appointment setter or in telemarketing. You must be available to work at least thirty hours per week on a consistent basis

You can visit to fill out a form and view more information.

A Better Call: A Better Call, Inc. is a successful and respected business to business telemarketing company located in Massachusetts. This company helps businesses in high tech and professional services achieve their sales and marketing goals through appointment setting. The ideal candidate for these positions will have the ability to think on their feet and have a proven track record of generating qualified leads. This candidate will have a strong business background with experience, presenting sophisticated intangibles and tangibles to senior executives.

For more information, you can visit