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Working Toward Your Passion

One area that amazes me is to see so many people in jobs that they hate. I cannot imagine not being passionate about work. Working toward fulfilling your dream job or pursuing a career that you are passionate about can be a wonderful goal to work toward. Simply keep a journal or a time chart and actively engage in making your dream come true.

Several years ago when I made the choice to leave a full time career to be at home for my then five-year-old twin sons. I knew that I wanted to do something more, something creative, and to be able to contribute financially. I began first by doing small things that I loved, I kept a workbook. I wrote daily the things I loved and the things that I did not. I grew to find my strengths, my weaknesses, and still work each day to identify those.

I work from home as an illustrator and began a blog after my Web site launched as a way to attract visitors. I never imagined how many readers would be come to me for inspiration, for help, for advice, and to give them perhaps a nudge to pursue something that they were missing. Working from home takes discipline and support. One needs to identify the best hours to work and try to develop a consistent schedule and adhere to that. Learn to say yes in the beginning and then focus by editing and by simply saying “No” to things that you will quickly realize need a simple, “No thank you.”  

Choose several things that you love and then edit; so if it is construction or building you love and then you find out as you work, that your niche is carpentry, then learn to “niche” yourself. Be known as the best carpenter for bookshelves and cabinets or tables. Choose one and then develop a business around that. When I began, so many of my friends encouraged me to open a shop. I am so glad that I chose the Web as a start. It has been rewarding and to continue to add new clients and repeat clients is such a thrill.

Love what you do, and the rest will follow. I am happy to answer any questions if you are entertaining a fresh start in a new direction. Perhaps during these times of economic challenge, we can all benefit from being where we ought to be and working with passion.