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Wow the Web

Having a website is not enough to guarantee Internet victory. Whether you have a small personal web page or a big business website, it’s important to understand web marketing so your website is working for you.

First, build your website right. Make sure you have an appropriate domain name and select a quality web-hosting service. The graphics should align with your brand and not be overwhelming or distracting from the information on the site. Avoid having too many clicks of the mouse to find what you’re looking for. Visitors to your site just don’t have the time to search. The copywriting should be clean and accurate by updating it on a regular basis. Keyword selection is helpful for obtaining better search engine results. Remember it’s just not about building a beautiful website, but instead consider the goal of the website. What do you want your website to do for you?

Online advertising can be sold on your website or you may purchase advertising space on other sites. Clickable banner ads that direct people to your website can increase unique visitors. Be careful of pop-up windows as these tend to be annoying to visitors who end up closing out of them right away. 

Integrate your email marketing into the website so users can sign up for your e-newsletters, e-zines and emails. Allow people to download the materials on your website as well. Your website should also incorporate your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blog especially since this communication is working for you around the clock. 

Along with social media, videos are essential to a great website. Videos allow you to showcase your products or provide instructions, tours and testimonials. Instead of reading through a bunch of pages, a video can tell all and act as a commercial for your site.

Track your monthly unique visitors so you know how many hits your website is receiving. If you link to other sites or they link to you, ask yourself first if it’s relevant. Do you have an affiliate program? 

As a final thought, answer this question: why will people return to your site? You can’t just build a great site these days, you have to build it, optimize it and keep it fresh. You also have to promote your website so you want it to look professional. A website that looks like it was done for free or made from a bad template that doesn’t fit your brand can throw off potential customers. If you’re not a web developer, it would benefit you to hire a professional. After all, your website can be the first impression people have of your business. So make it a good one.