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Is Your Boss Cheating on You?

This woman tells the story of her boss’s cheating behavior—having her interview her own replacement! Has your boss ever “cheated” on you?

In this Forbes Woman article, a new potential threat at the office is revealed: the cheating boss. Worse than the “bully boss” who’s up front with bad behavior, the cheating boss is sneaky and underhanded. 

A cheating boss goes beyond the characteristics of a bully boss. The bully boss is hostile and threatening, yells or gives you the silent treatment and is verbally abusive and humiliating. By contrast, “A cheating boss is more insidious,” explains Nicole Williams, author of Girl On Top. “It’s more undermining.” Bullying is in-your-face but cheating occurs behind someone’s back.

Have you experienced a cheating boss before (or fess up, been one yourself??)

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