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Your Ego Keeps You Safe

I’m going to tell you right now that you already know when your business sucks. You know it. Everyone knows it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that your business is a commodity when you’re constantly struggling for business, cash flow is tight, you feel competition breathing down your neck, you’re stressed out of your freakin’ mind, and worst of all—you don’t know how the hell to get out of this mess.

So, why then—why—do so many people kid themselves that what they’ve got is okay, even special? Or maybe a better way to say it: why do people deny the fact that they’re a regular old commodity player when they know it and everyone they know knows it?

Work. It takes work to be special. Sorry. You knew it was coming, though, right? But here’s the good news: it’s simple, just not easy. When you learn the four ingredients that can take any business from commodity player to specialist you’ll probably think, “that’s it?”

But it’s not easy. And it’s not easy not because most people don’t have the skills or the talent or the ability to execute. It’s that damn comfort zone, built by our ego. The addiction to feeling safe and comfortable and not judged kicks in, and when it does, it floods the mind with all kinds of self-doubt which causes you to question your abilities and makes the idea of moving to specialist—stepping out of your comfort zone and revolutionizing your business—daunting. 

That’s why. So many people fall victim to the familiarity addiction which sabotages dreams. 

So, how the hell do you get out? Specialization. By adhering to the four pillars of the specialization formula:
1. Purpose
2. Passion
3. Quality
4. Specialized Knowledge

All four of these components work in harmony to bring truly unique value to the marketplace. But you need all four. In fact, when you’re missing any part (especially purpose and passion), it’s nearly impossible to combat the forces of familiarity and comfort.

Start by asking yourself this question: what do you love? In other words, what are you doing that is a contribution to the world that makes you forget you have a watch on?

More on the specialization formula next week ... stay tuned.