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Is Your Life Path Changing?

Today, a new dawn is breaking …

The fog of denial has lifted. In its place is the awareness you’ve spent more time reacting to the need for change rather than taking constructive action to implement it
As such, you’re standing in the gap between an aspect of your life, which no longer fits and the deeper dream of who you want to be or how you want to live.
How, then, do you navigate this gap and successfully change your life path?

First, allow the awareness of what needs to change to sink in. At the same time, don’t use this as an excuse to delay taking action to make the needed changeDaily, baby steps in a new direction are more powerful—and ultimately more empowering—than doing nothing at all.

In addition, be aware that feelings of grief over the perception of “wasted time” or fear about the unknown aspects of the new path may arise. Yet keep in mind that feeling excited, happy and re-energized are all valid options too.

Second, resist the urge to react.
Rash decisions or impulsive actions to force change are rarely the right solution. Rather, they are often a means to minimize your discomfort around change and perhaps, an attempt to self-sabotage your newly burgeoning life transformation.

Instead, practice making choices based on what you want rather than react to what’s available right now. Remember, external appearances or current resources don’t determine what’s possible. Possibility’s power exists within you, and when combined with a clear, success strategy both allow you to move beyond the status quo.

Lastly, trust that it’s okay to want what you want—and to dream a bigger dream for yourself.
Trust, too, in your ability to create a better life experience, even if you’ve regularly denied and minimized your needs and dreams in the past. Your desire for change is the seed of your potential, which is now ready to blossom.

Above all, just as the light of awareness has dawned, so has a new day. Your emerging life path, as well as, the potential for a truly successful life…the one you are about to live … begin the moment you allow your deeper dreams to take center stage.