Jesselyn Radack: Courting Controversy

She stands up for some of the world's most reviled whistle-blowers—think Edward Snowden, Julian Assange—because for her, it's personalREAD
radack image

The Truth About Reunions

Should you go? Then again, why would you not? Four writers confront their hopes and fears.READ
reunions image

Ending Child Slavery in the U.S.

According to Malika Saada Saar, the plight of sex slaves is just as bad right here as faraway countries.READ
sex slavery image

A Fighter Pilot Takes The Fight To D.C.

From the military to the halls of Congress, Martha McSally is boots on the ground in a new boy's club.READ
mcsally image

You Only Think You Know Copenhagen

A tour that even Hans Christian Andersen might find illuminating.READ
copenhagen slider

Jessica Alba: Billion Dollar Baby

How the former teen star stayed grounded amid all the Hollywood hot air and built a nearly billion-dollar empireREAD
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Cate Blanchett
Beauty Voyeur: Cate Blanchett
The actress dishes on her best beauty secrets READ
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Emily Leisure Suits
Leisure Suits
Loose shapes in sumptuous fabrics—with nary a waistband in sight—feel just right SEE SLIDESHOW
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Shoes & Accessories

Catherine Prevost ring
This Month's Best of the Best
The top beauty, fashion and home looks this month. SEE SLIDESHOW
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Celebrities, Movies, TV & Music

Piper Kerman
In Her Words: Piper Kerman
The writer, realist and felon on consistency, failure and survival skills READ
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Food & Travel

Delancy Campari Shandy
Drink Aficionado: Campari Shandy
Try this hearty and refreshing mix of beer and Campari this season READ
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Second Acts

Wendy Weston
How a Vacation Fantasy Became a Business
She was a successful skating coach, but the biggest leap of all was chasing a brand-new dream READ
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Jawbone fitness tracker
Fitness Trackers Worth Wearing
Exercise monitors so sleek, you'll want to wear them all day READ
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Careers & Work

Ava DuVernay
Ava DuVernay: Smashing Hollywood’s Glass Ceiling
The Selma director on being a black female director READ
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Mother-daughter relationship
Growing Up Together
How much closeness is good in a mother-daughter relationship? READ
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Celebrities, Movies, TV & Music

Lena Headey
Our Cover Stars Answer the 'MORE Questionnaire'
Our cover stars open up about aging gracefully and lessons they've learned SEE SLIDESHOW
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Sex in the Cities
Sex in the Cities
Three savvy tales of friendship, love, lust and wild ambition READ
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Women’s Issues

5 Survivors of Assault Tell Their Stories
Jennifer Dickerson
Survivors of all ages reveal how an attack changed their lives SEE SLIDESHOW
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February Well-Being
eating raw
News and tips for a healthier body and spirit SEE SLIDESHOW
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