Meredith Vieira: On The Ride of Her Life

After having her share of personal setbacks, her professional life has never been sweeterREAD

2014's Best Beauty Buys

More than 6,000 industry insiders picked the year's most amazing products—here are 20 for youREAD

How to Fend Off Forgetfulness

Easy lifestyle changes to protect your brain as you ageREAD

How Much Money Is Enough?

How you can find financial peace of mindREAD

The Season's Best Coats

Scrumptious, soft fabrics with strong, structural shapeREAD

Ultimate Anti-Aging Meal Plan

Foods that keep you young and fight disease. Plus, two weeks of recipes you needREAD
meal plan image

Anti Aging

New Beauty Rules at 30, 40, 40, & 60
What to do, at what age to do it—and the mistakes you should avoid READ
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Careers & Work

Go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur
Your great new business is already in your head. Here's how to unlock it READ
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Healthy Eating

banana french toast picture
3-Day De-Stress Diet
Relax by eating the right mix of foods. SEE SLIDESHOW
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Celebrities, Movies, TV & Music

Meredith Vieira
Our Cover Stars Answer the 'MORE Questionnaire'
Our cover stars open up about aging gracefully and lessons they've learned SEE SLIDESHOW
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Money & Finance

Learning How to Be Generous Again
One woman's journey to learning what it truly means to give READ
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Second Acts

Freeing Your Inner Artist
How two women embarked on creative professions after decades of stifling their dreams READ
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Careers & Work

failing successfully
10 Quotes on Failing Successfully
Words of wisdom for getting through and bouncing back from tough times SEE SLIDESHOW
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Second Acts

Reinvent Your Life at 30, 40, 50, 60
A little change goes a long way. Our guide to shaking things up READ
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Careers & Work

Sallie Krawcheck image
Sallie Krawcheck’s Top Career Advice
Here’s what she thinks the “best” investment is at any point in time READ
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Web Exclusive

2014 More Than Just a Beauty Search Winners

Get Inspired! The four winners share their beauty tips and stories of overcoming life's big obstacles

The New Way Moms and Daughters Shop
Here’s how three pairs have developed an open (closet) door policy both generations can enjoy SEE SLIDESHOW
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Healthy Eating

The Trick to Eating Less
What if you were bored with your favorite junk food? The surprising secret to making your diet stick READ
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25 Fall Beauty Must-Haves
Your guide to getting this season's best cosmetics right SEE SLIDESHOW
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Your Letters

We Hear You! Letters from Our November 2014 Issue
November cover
Leave a comment here or send us your feedback by letter or email—we love hearing your thoughts! READ
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